Ryan Hamilton

NYC 2015 / Video

Growing up in the heart of a music loving state like Texas, it would have been hard for acoustic singer songwriter Ryan Hamilton to avoid being exposed and eventually fall in love with music. Even as young as eight years old, whilst traveling in his Dad’s truck listening to John Cougar Mellencamp, the music bug had already bitten. Once he discovered The Eagles, with their unbelievable musicianship and vocal harmonies, the young Hamilton realized that music was a journey he wanted to take.  There are so many remarkable things going on in these little pop songs. What is most inspiring about Ryan Hamilton’s music, really though – is the intangible. It’s this ability he has to convert a room of strangers into both fans and as friends, I’ve seen it happen, ” said Outlaw Roadshow creator Ryan Spaulding. “The Outlaw Roadshow is the perfect place for someone like Ryan. He’s steeped in his passion for music and so are our crowds.”

On his solo debut, Hell Of A Day (a Best of 2015 album selection), Hamilton steps out from his past and really prevails for it. “We tracked everything old school and live. No auto tune, or copying and pasting,” says Hamilton. “Real sounds and live performances. I can’t wait for people to hear these new songs!” The album is a new folk pop masterpiece steeped with story-telling lyrics that describe a landscape set from Hamilton’s cinematic mind.  What you are about to see is Hamilton’s private session video recorded in our Garden set in Manhattan. He is surrounded by the artwork of painter Felipe Molina and plays a fiery, focused set of songs that will stay with you for a very long time. This is what it’s all about.

ABOUT THE VIDEOS – All audio and video by the amazing Ehud Lazin, who we have worked with for years now to capture the spirit of The Outlaw Roadshow. The latest sessions recorded in New York October 2015 could be the best we have ever recorded.