Jill Andrews

NYC 2015 / Video

Andrews stopped time in Nashville this July in her first ever Outlaw Roadshow appearance. There in the country’s music capital for the better part of an hour, you could have heard a pin drop between the notes. In New York City last month the results were much the same but in many ways the “road win” was even more telling of her abilities and charm. Andrews has become one of contemporary music’s great treasures, something you’re all going to find out in New York City as Andrews fires off fresh songs from her unbelievable new album, The War Inside.   “She did it again. We’re in NY during her performance. I finally broke out of my trance and looked around the room. And just like in Nashville, Jill had people’s jaws on the floor and their hearts on their sleeve. Absolute silence and pure affection for music!” said Outlaw Roadshow founder Ryan Spaulding. “Jill Andrews is gifted at music and so talented at reaching people in a human way. You need to see it and hear it for yourself to truly understand. She’s brilliant.” In the last few years Andrews’ work has reached international audiences via soldout live shows and an infusion of her songs in popular television. Chances are, you’ve heard Jill Andrews’ music and never even knew it. The songs on the new record are more than just a solid progression, this is total breakout material. Predicting you’re not going to want to miss this.  On her latest,The War Inside, Jill Andrews shines a light on her own struggles and successes, tying the songs together with a new sound that mixes her folk background with a wider set of influences. The three songs in this Garden Session are all from the new record and are perhaps the best thing we’ve heard all year long..

ABOUT THE VIDEOS – All audio and video by the amazing Ehud Lazin, who we have worked with for years now to capture the spirit of The Outlaw Roadshow. The latest sessions recorded in New York October 2015 could be the best we have ever recorded.