Buffalo Rodeo

NYC 2015 / Video

Somewhere on the outskirts of reality, the denizens of that edge world need music. Soft and full of light, this place deserves someone like Buffalo Rodeo to play for them. Ethereal sounds echoing of early Pink Floyd stirred with the modern, rock quirk of Tame Impala – there is a perfect balance here. (Think Brian Jonestown Massacre without all that heaviness, a modern Moody Blues.)  Their songs feel like rays of sunshine and the effects of listening can sustain long after the last note has sounded. About once or twice a year, I unexpectedly climb up on stage after a band’s set to publicly invite them to our next event (in whatever city it may be) based upon the power of their performance. That’s what happened with Buffalo Rodeo in Nashville. And returned to New York they did. The band played a huge set on stage at the Bowery Electric in New York City, captivating our audiences. This video performance was recorded the very same day. Feel the energy unfolding in these notes? We do.  “A totally mesmerizing set; Buffalo Rodeo are set to explode!” says Outlaw founder Ryan Spaulding. “They are one of the best young bands in America today.”

ABOUT THE VIDEOS – All audio and video by the amazing Ehud Lazin, who we have worked with for years now to capture the spirit of The Outlaw Roadshow. The latest sessions recorded in New York October 2015 could be the best we have ever recorded.