Bound to Meet the Devil

One of the top albums of 2016 by Outlaw Alum Julie Rhodes.  When Julie Rhodes lets her voice loose, she digs deep into a pocket of soul that persuades audiences to follow her lead. Just a year ago, Rhodes began work on her debut album, Bound to Meet the Devil. The songs speak to a year of travel, passion, and sacrifice, as she matured quickly from playing her first shows to a performer who owns the stage. Rhodes always set her resolve on music and the road. The day she was able, she charged out of her hometown, searching for live performances that tugged on her heart strings. But it wasn’t until she attended the Newport Folk Festival—witnessing a lineup with an infectious spirit for collaboration and a genuine optimism for the vitality of community—that her desire to travel shifted from pursuing other’s voices to discovering her own. Produced by Jonah Tolchin and infused with the sounds that inspired her to roam, Bound to Meet the Devil was recorded in New England and Muscle Shoals, Alabama, capturing the spirit found in dive bars, barns, and the throng of outdoor festivals by the sea. Her songs explore the mounting struggles of a working class woman with few riches beyond a determination to dream.